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COBB GT-R 3.5" SS Catted Y-Pipe



Product no.: 24050
Manufacturer: COBB Tuning
our price without Tax : 1,364 EUR
our price including Tax (21 %):
1,650 EUR

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COBB Tuning is pleased to announce the 3.5-inch Stainless Steel Y-Pipe for the Nissan GT-R. The stock y-pipe with factory catalytic converters is a restrictive element in the GT-R's exhaust system. The COBB 3.5-inch SS Y-Pipe is offered in both catless and high-flow cat versions that reduce exhaust restriction and allow the GT-R to make more power with less effort. The catted version of the COBB 3.5-inch SS Y-Pipe uses custom-spun high-flow metal substrate catalytic converters that improve flow while protecting the environment by reducing emissions.