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Nissan GTR injectors, fuel pumps, fuel rails and other fuel system related parts.

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New 1100cc injectors for Nissan GTR. Provides very good atomization which makes it easier to tune and produces a less black soot.
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Factory fuel rail has an inside diameter of 11mm but around the injector mounting section they are reduced to 6mm restricting the flow for high power application. GReddy Fuel Deliver Tube are designed to support good fuel supply for upgraded injectors with 14mm inside diameter. It also features a bracket system that will ensure proper fitment of the injectors. Mounting them perfectly perpendicular
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The AAM Competition GT-R S-Line Fuel System takes the guess work out of installing larger fuel pumps. Utilizing a CAD designed laser cut stainless fuel assembly enclosure, two larger fuel pumps are properly and securely mounted inside the factory fuel tank. A Plug & Play strategy utilizes OEM feed and return ports, OEM wiring harnesses, and the factory fuel siphon system is retained to further
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The factory GT-R fuel rails are adequate to 900 horsepower. The AMS team diagnosed all of the restrictions of the factory fuel components and developed a fuel rail system that greatly increases fuel flow in the most intelligent way possible. By integrating the factory, OEM-style quick connectors we developed a fuel rail system that installs with out any splicing or cutting of your GT-R. This
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The Alpha R35 GT-R Alpha Fuel System is a no compromise solution for GT-R owners in need of fuel delivery to support up to 1300hp. The system contains two reliable Bosch high pressure/volume pumps, bypass valve and filter integrated onto the existing factory surge tank for a comprehensive in-tank fuel solution. All of the components in the system are compatible with ethanol (E85), pump and race
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