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Nissan GTR intake manifold parts, suction pipes.

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The HKS Premium Suction Kit Nissan GT-R R35 features an aluminum suction pipe and Super Hybrid Filter which reduces intake resistance and enables quick response.[HKS 70018-AN007]
our price 890 EUR


The R35 GT-R original suction pipe resists intake airflow at high boost pressure, which ineffectively decreases throttle response. The Mine''s Titanium Suction Pipe Kit, on the other hand, not only increases the strength and durability but also throttle response by minimizing flow friction. The kit includes 2x Titanium Suction Pipe, 2x Silicone Hose and 4x Hose Clamp
our price 1,700 EUR


A must for GT-Rs with turbo upgrades. The AAM Competition Turbo Inlet Piping Kit features larger diameter piping and a larger diameter compressor inlet flange to match the enlarged inlet diameter of modified stock housing turbo upgrades.
our price 1,120 EUR


AMS designed the Alpha GT-R Intake Manifold to enhance the overall performance of your modified GT-R. With its small plenum, the stock intake manifold of the GT-R was never intended to support the performance of a moderate to highly modified VR38 engine. That
our price 4,090 EUR