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Nissan GTR transmission and differential cooler kits.

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From the street to race circuits, the HKS DCT transmission cooler kit for the GTR has been developed to provide firm, positive shift engagement while assisting in the prevention of overheating the clutch and transmission. By stabilizing and maintaining lower oil temperatures in the transmission, the life cycle of the oil is extended. Integrated with the factory water-cooled transmission cooler,
our price 2,990 EUR


Willall Racing transmission cooler is designed to deliver cooler operating temperatures to improve reliability and longevity of the Nissan GR6 transmission, WR35TC is ready to fit your GTR. Kit is available with the rear or front mount cooler. This cooler kit reduces peak temperatures of the gearbox fluid by as much as 10 degrees Celsium on a race track. The kit comes with all the necessary
our price 3,660 EUR