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Nissan GTR transmission and differential oils.

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Willall Racing GTR full synthetic transmission fluid extends transmission oil change intervals of tracked GTRs and offers better gearbox protection. This superior lubrikant slows gearbox wear to a near standstill and keeps transmission temperature low even on a race track. Already tested on hundreds of GTRs worldwide this oil gives your GTR the best gearbox protection available. Sold in 10L
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This improved Nissan GTR transmission fluid is designed primarily for heavily tracked and full race R35 GTRs. Willall Victory Specification oil contains a unique additives to assist GTR transmissions that are shock loaded with extreme launches or are having more than 600awhp. Greatly lowers operating temperatures on track. Sold in 10L container.
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A new formulation for primarily street driven and cold weather climate GTRs, WR35TML is a 'Light' formula transmission oil that still retains all of the excellent protection properties of WR35TM and does this along with also retaining the same green colour as the factory fill transmission lubricant. The only real difference in visual qualities between WR35TML and well used factory fluid is that
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Fully synthetic limited slip differential fluid specifically developed and tested in the R35 GTR front and rear differential units. This oil reduces the amount of binding suffered in the rear differential during slow speed cornering under cold conditions. The low friction coefficient dramatically reduces the temperature of the front differential and provides quiet and smooth operation under all
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