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Willall Racing WR35FWDTS GTR Front Wheel Drive Shaft



Product no.: 28170
Manufacturer: Willall Racing
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3,440 EUR

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How powered GTRs that are used for hardcore track work are now starting experience front wheel drive shaft failure as the ATTESSA all wheel drive system channels large amounts of torque to the front wheels. The reasons for these failures are pretty obvious with the factory component 'sized' to cope with stock power, and then only just in extreme driving conditions. When the factory shaft fails it can throw out and whip around damaging the under-body of the vehicle and drag along the track surface.

- Larger Drive Spline (some 65% larger than stock)

- Stronger shaft material (thicker walled, and higher shear strength material)

- Billet bearing carrier

- Larger more durable bearing

- Stronger drive flange (billet)

- Upgrade and significantly larger CV joint assembly