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Willall Racing WR35GM GR6 Isometric Transmission Mount



Product no.: 28150
Manufacturer: Willall Racing
our price without Tax : 562 EUR
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680 EUR

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Due to the physics of the GTR mounting system and the torque reaction of the transmission under high load the frontal transmission mounts take the most stress during competition work and general high performance usage. Prone to failure via rubber construction these mounts once failed can lead to increased gearbox case stress (eventually resulting in gearbox case failure) and wayward handling as the transmission is free to pivot at the front end. Solving the problem of front transmission mount stress and failure is the totally re-engineered WR35GM GR6 Transmission mount. Crafted from high quality steel with special high density polymer internals WR35GM delivers stress free operation for the transmission mount and bolts directly in as a replacement for the factory soft rubber mounts.