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Willall Racing WR35TB GR6 Transmission Brace



Product no.: 28160
Manufacturer: Willall Racing
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An important reliability upgrade for upgraded power drag raced and track raced Nissan GTRs WR35TB GTR GR6 transmission brace is designed to stop shock loads from imparting rapid and high yield bending forces on the transmission that the casing simply was not designed to handle from the factory. Obviously wheel hop of any kind is an eventual killer for the transmission case, as is constant bending over time as you would find in a race track driven GTR which has the capability of work hardening the transmission case and causing stress fractures.

WR35TB GR6 Transmission Brace fixes to the transmission assembly over several axis to act as a stress relief mechanism to prevent the different moments of the transmission and the differential creating a bending load across the centre of the transmission casting, which is its weakest point.