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Complete 102mm titanium super light exhaust system for Nissan GTR. GTC exhaust is amazingly lightweight and give the best sound and performance possible. Only the superior Japanese titanium is used.This system consists of the y-pipe and catback. Great sound and performance, very fast shipping.
our price 4,030 EUR


Direct upgrade to the OEM turbocharger setup. Core exchange required. This complete kit produces up to 950hp power and super quick spool up. C.N.C. Machined Compressor Cover gas Flowed Billet Compressor Wheel Borgwarner EFR 6758 dual bearing Core Assembly. The CHRA is 40% lighter than Garrett or MHI CHRA. Gamma Ti turbine wheel. Nothing else will out spool it Modified Bearing Housing C.N.C.
our price 8,030 EUR